Weekly RPG Wednesday

Weekly Wednesday is a series of dates used for online roleplaying. We are using Roll20.net as a virtual tabletop (VTT) and handle the communication with Google Hangouts Voicechat. The systems are seamlessly integrated. In Roll20.net you have the option to “launch with google Hangouts” and it works automagically.
Some small, technical issues aside, playing with Roll20.net and G+-Hangouts has proven to be a great success.

So far we played:

tremulus – Frozen Wastes
Adventurers!Dark Camelot
Interface Zero 2.0 – Real Estate
D&D 5. Edition – Adventurer’s League Expeditions 1+2
Adventurers!Dark Camelot – The Madness of Sir Richard (Pt. 1)

Cheers, Lindan