I really should post more regularly here…

Hello dear guest!

I still do a lot of rpg related stuff – even more so since we got confined by the virus to play mostly online.

Most of the time I simply forget that this blog is still running.  I will try to put more of my RPG thoughts and things that may prove useful to others on here.

I play and GM a lot of MÖRK BORG lately – a brilliant system well worth your time. Last week I started running tremulus again. This is such a great system and has to be one of the most underrated PbtA games in existence.

Keep a calm head and stay home. We will survive the virus and soon be back playing with our friends in “real life”.

Oh.. and if you feel disenchanted with Roll20.net, try out Astral VTT. It’s fun to use and easy to get into.

Have a nice day!


Privacy and DSGVO

Because some muppets in EU parliament decided it would be hella cool to pass some laws regarding your privacy, which can be exploited by scummy lawyers to f*** you in all kinds of bizarre ways, I’ve added a privacy statement which you can view here.

This is a non profit website which doesn’t earn me a penny but still I have to do this shit. It makes me sick. But well, here we are.

Wish you a nice week.



ShadowFate Update

Hey everybody!

I made some changes to ShadowFate, mainly to make the character generation more transparent when it comes to magical archetypes.

Version is now 0.8.2

Find it as usual in the ShadowFate section as usual.

Changelog Version 0.8
Replaced “Spellcasting” with “Sorcery”.
Deleted the Arcana skill as it didn’t add much to the game. Use the Sorcery skill to create formulas and such.
Character generation: moved the Magical Archetypes information into a dedicated table to make it more clear. Small changes to values there. Clarified that Mystic Adepts need to buy their Adept points with RP.

Cheers, Lindan

Updated Roll20.net character sheet for Uncharted Worlds

Finished version 1.2 today.

Cleaned up all images and added some cool roll templates.

This will be the final version for now. Go to the downloads section to grab the link to the github files (only interesting if you are a pro level subscriber able to use custom sheets.)

For non-pro subscribers: The update should be available via your roll20 game settings page in about a week.

Cheers, Lindan