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Form-Fillable Character Sheet for THINGS FROM THE FLOOD.

Download: Things From The Flood Form Fillable Character Sheet.


Character Sheet for Uncharted Worlds for Roll20.Net 

Version 1.2 is now live in your Roll20 Games Admin page.

For Pro Level subscribers: below you find the link to the current version. Just copy&paste the contents of Uncharted Worlds.html and Uncharted Worlds.css in the respective fields under your game’s “Settings – Character Sheets – Custom” tabs.


Shadow Of The Demon Lord

Damage Flowchart v1.0



The Day After Ragnarok

Character Sheets for TDAR. TDARCharSheetv1 TDARCharSheetv2

You can find these in PNG format on the G+ group for TDAR here.


GM Cheat Sheets containing all relevant rules you need to play plus hazard moves and more!

UPDATED! 18-MAY-2014
tremulus Framework Generator (Excel 2007+ including macros)
tremulus Framework Generator v1.1