Just found the main thing about FATE…

…that sums it up better than many other, more lengthy descriptions I’ve read:

Lareon, over at RPG.NET said:

It seems Fate wants proactive players and reactive GM. It’s… strange, until you enter in the right mindset.

This is the crux, and the main reason why FATE doesn’t run well in many groups. Other systems demand  REACTIVE players and PROACTIVE GMs to work well.

Problem solved. Now I have to think about it for a bit.

ShadowFate is Alive!

After some feedback on G+ I’ve decided to put some time into my hack again. First thing is a character generation example for one of the more time consuming archtypes in Shadowrun: the Street Samurai.

I hope you’ll find it useful. Feedback is always welcome. Download it here.

Second, I kind of disliked the 0.7 character sheet. I made some small changes to it and brought the old logo back because it looks way better. So  Download it here.


Dungeon World Campaign Starter

..found this in my Roll20.net archive. It received a good reception on the Dungeon World Tavern so I’ll put it up here, too.

Had my players (all new to DW) answer this to kickstart our Roll20.net DW campaign. I let each player choose (secretly) his two favorite options for each of the five sections. The “winners” were used to complete the sentences. Then we thought about what this would mean for our adventuring world. It worked really well.

Happy Gaming!


Dungeon World Campaign Decisions