Character Sheet for Uncharted Worlds on Roll20.NET

Just finished created my first character sheet for

It should be available in the official repository soon-ish.

If you like to try it out early, check the downloads section.


  1. Open your Campaign
  2. Click on Settings
  3. in the “Character Sheet” dropdown box, choose “Custom”
  4. Unzip the file and copy/paste the contents of the html and css file into the html and css tabs respectively.
  5. Save.

Feel free to contact me with feedback on Twitter, G+ or any other way you find convenient. 🙂


I’m a lazy bastard!

Didn’t update for ages, didn’t upload stuff and was generally invisible on my own blog. It’s scandalous behaviour all around!

Trying to improve. 🙂

Take care!


I’m famous now!

(not really)

But I made a small contribution to the Campaign Mastery blog by Mike Bourke.

He crowdsourced useful things and advise from gamemasters all over the world.

Find the blogpost here:

All the best and a nice x-mas time to all of you!

Just found the main thing about FATE…

…that sums it up better than many other, more lengthy descriptions I’ve read:

Lareon, over at RPG.NET said:

It seems Fate wants proactive players and reactive GM. It’s… strange, until you enter in the right mindset.

This is the crux, and the main reason why FATE doesn’t run well in many groups. Other systems demand  REACTIVE players and PROACTIVE GMs to work well.

Problem solved. Now I have to think about it for a bit.