..and to be honest, I didn’t get much done in the last three months. My apologies. Work has been crazy and my energy levels after dealing with work, house and family just haven’t been up to keep the Weekly Wednesdays running. Shadowfate is also still in the same state as almost a year ago.

On a positive note the current project is ending in January and there is a silver lining that life will be back to it’s less stressful self after that. I’ve got several days off now and slowly get back into RPG-mode.

Friday will see a face to face games with friends. System is still undecided but may be Trail of Cthulhu or Adventurers!: Gothika.

After that, a lot of time will be spend prepping my  Day After Ragnarok scenario for the Stahleck con: STRIKE FORCE GHOUL

Happy NYE everybody and a fun-filled 2015!

Happy gaming,