Playtest stuff for ShadowFate

Playtest stuff for ShadowFate

My fate conversion for Shadowrun is progressing nicely.

Things done so far:
– Conversion guide for existing characters
– Char generation rules
– Skill system Fate-i-fied
– Resource-system covering Lifestyle expenses, Cash, Buying Stuff (without silly tracking of every last Nuyen)
– Magic system converted
– Combat system converted
– Matrix converted (there are three alternative systems to choose from: basic, advanced, geek)*
– All weapons converted
– All cyberware converted
– All spells converted
– All Adept powers converted
– Optional Playaid mats for different chartypes (Mundane, Awakened, Decker) => I laminated them so the players can note aspects and stuff on them with boardmarkers.

To Do: Technomancers, Bioware, Character advancement, Rigger/Vehicle stuff(is there but needs more playtesting), a dozen small things

Biggest TODO: Consolidating a huge pile of playtest notes and powerpoint, word and excel sheets into a cohesive document suitable for posting online. 🙂

So far the playtesting results were positive and with 80% done now, I hope to have this presentable for a wider audience in January 2014.

I’ll keep you updated.


*The Matrix is hard to get right, because, plainly spoken, the SR5 system sucks. It’s (still, after 5 editions) an overcomplicated dicefest. Having to roll to put marks everywhere, then again to get something useful out of them, tracing GOD, plus doing all the other matrix stuff, added with programs, cyberdeck ratings etc. pp. just isn’t very conductive to ROLEPLAYING anything. The world that was written to support the system is needlessly complex.
Problem is: for Deckers, stuff like Deck Ratings and Programs are important. To oversimplify is to take the fun out of them. That’s why there are three systems to choose from (this may change to two though). The basic system compresses the two dozens of matrix actions into five main categories resolved by two skills using converted deck ratings as a bonus with programs as stunts. The “geek” system has all matrix actions intact and follows the SR5 “script” more closely.